Why You Should Recharge Your Air Conditioning Regularly

We at Birch Service Centre appreciate that the summer is some time away, but there are a number of reasons why you should consider recharging your air conditioning system even in winter.

Here’s a quick guide to the benefits:

    • Fuel efficiency - If you like getting the most out of your tank of fuel then you’ll be interested to learn that recharging your air conditioning increases fuel efficiency too. This is because when your air conditioning refrigerant is low, the air conditioning system struggles to cool the air and therefore has to work harder using more fuel to do so.

    • Repairs - Similarly, it pays to recharge regularly if you don’t want to have to pay out for expensive air conditioning parts and repairs later on. The refrigerant used in your air conditioning system is extremely cold and has the added benefit of cooling down the air conditioning compressor. Without refrigerant, or if it were to run too low, the compressor would get dangerously hot and fail.

    • Winter uses - Air conditioning even has its uses on cold winter days. If you are struggling to demist your windscreen, pop the air con on to produce dry warm air to rapidly clear your view. Turning your air conditioning on during the colder months of the year also ensures the system doesn’t seize up and will continue to work effectively when the temperature starts to warm up.

    Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you recharge the system every two years and the process takes about 45 minutes to completely remove the old gas and refill with fresh. Even if you don’t use your air conditioning system very often the gas will continue to permeate through the system and disperse over time. Call us now on 01706 624341 to book your recharge.