Car Air Conditioning in Heywood

At Birch Service Centre we offer aircon service, repairs and regas for your vehicle. See what an aircon service includes:

  • Removal of old gas
  • System vacuumed and checked for leaks
  • Oil and dye added system
  • New gas added and temperature checked

How often should you regas your air conditioning?

It is recommended that you should regas your car air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant, to keep it running efficiently. If you are unsure if your air conditioning is working properly, we can run a free temperature test to find out whether you would benefit from a regas.

Correctly maintaining your cars air conditioning unit will strain the engine less, improving fuel efficiency. Here in Heywood, we can offer R-134a and R-1234f gas for your aircon service, leaving your car's air conditioning in top condition when we deliver the car to you.