Are Your Tyres Winter Ready?

As we start the new year and head into several months of colder weather, drivers should check their tyres are winter-ready as we’re more likely to encounter snow, icy and rainy conditions at this time of year.

It’s vital to make sure that your car’s tyres are in good condition and fully inflated. Worn tyres are not only more likely to suffer a blow-out but in adverse weather conditions significantly increase stopping distance and generally compromise the handling of your vehicle to putting you at further risk of an undesired outcome.

It’s not just the tread depth and air pressure to look out for, but also any damage or defects such as cracks or bulges on the tyre. According to the AA, tyre problems are the number one reason its members call them for help, with more than one tyre-related breakdown every minute. Worryingly, the motoring organisation also found that around a third of failed tyres have a tread depth below the 1.6mm legal limit.

In addition to an increased risk of collision another major factor to consider is increased fuel consumption. Underinflated tyres burn more fuel than those at the correct pressure; with fuel costs at an all-time high, any action you can take to help reduce costs is welcome.

Finally, consider fitting winter tyres as they will perform better in colder conditions than normal tyres: this is due to a higher silica content in the rubber which means they remain softer, less brittle during this period and have a deep tread giving you more control.

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